Bar None's Dexter Cattle in Texas

Founded in 1989 by David Jones and Devin Jones, Bar None's Dexter Cattle is backed with over 20 years of industry experience.

Bar None's Dexter Cattle provides top-notch animals along with great customer support-a combination that can't be beat.

Through our commitment , experience, and expertise Bar None's Dexter Cattle has established a business relationship with out customers that will last a lifetime!

Bar None's has developed a show line and we try to promote Dexter cattle whenever possible. At Bar None's Dexter Cattle we have taken such top spots as 2010 National Grand Champion Dexter Cow, 2011 National Grand Champion Dexter Bull, 2012 &2013 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Grand Champion Dexter Bull, 2011 Tulsa State Fair Grand Champion Dexter Bull, and 2011 MDBA show Grand Champion Dexter Bull.

Bar None's Dexter Cattle also has a production line, and we concentrate on producing top quality dexter cattle. We specialize in red polled genetics, but offer a variety of quality dexters with black, dun, red, polled and horned animals available. Currently breeding two homozygous polled red bulls to top quality females, watch for offspring offerings.

At Bar None's Dexter Cattle , we are passionate about supporting the American Dexter Cattle Association. David served as president of the American Dexter Cattle Association for 2 years, then on the board as immediate past president, and currently serves as regional director for Region 7 Louisiana and East Texas, and volunteers his time on behalf of this breed of amazing little cows.

Please contact us for information, a farm tour, or to learn about what the Dexter Breed has to offer you and your acreage or ranch. If we don't have what you are looking for, we will help you to try to find it.